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VS135-868M - Ultra TOF People Counter

SKU VS135-868M

VS135 is a high-end people counting sensor that is based on deep learning AI and second-generation ToF technology. It is capable of adapting to various complex scenarios while ensuring excellent privacy protection. This sensor possesses an impressive accuracy of up to 99.8% in people counting, fully meeting your needs, and it delivers exceptional performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. With high ceiling mounting of up to 6.5m and an IP65 waterproof rating, it adapts seamlessly to any environment. VS135 offers various connectivity options (LoRaWAN®, Wi-Fi HaLow, Cellular and Ethernet) for seamless connectivity and efficient space management across applications. Additionally, the AP mode Wi-Fi simplifies device configuration. Additionally, it provides rich interfaces for versatile connection options, expanding the possibilities for integration and customization.


Highly-efficient Sensing Ability

  • Up to 99.8% accuracy with the 2nd generation ToF technology and AI algorithm.
  • Free from privacy concerns without image capturing.
  • Allow to collect more accurate people counting data by differentiating children / adults and detecting staff via identification like staff lanyards for clearer people analysis. Smart U-turn detection to filter redundant counting of people wandering in the area
  • Support queuing management via dwell time detection and regional people counting.
  • Support Group Counting function to gain deeper insights into customers' behaviours. Support Multi-Device Stitching which enables the linking of multiple devices, allowing for up to four-device stitching to expand coverage. (For PoE Version)
  • Support advanced Heat Map function which provides deeper insights by visually representingthedistribution and intensity of foot traffic. (For PoE Version, Cellular Version and WiFi HaLowVersion)
  • With radar sensor-based ESG friendly working mode, it allows to experience full-speed operation when detection people occupied while switching to a power-saving sleep mode when unoccupied.
  • By incorporating 3-axis sensors for automatic compensation when the device is mountedat atilt, ensures enhanced precision and guarantees accurate data analysis
  • Working well even in low-light or completely dark environments with great lighting adaptability.
  • Automatically detect the installation height, facilitating fast deployment and intelligent detection.
  • Support video validation function to help customers verify statistical accuracy.

    Rich Connectivity Options

  • Provide multiple connectivity options (Ethernet, Cellular, Wi-Fi HaLow, LoRaWAN®). Easy web GUI configuration via Wi-Fi.
  • Milesight DeviceHub & Developer Platform provide easy and centralized management of remote devices.
  • Support local data storage and data retransmission to collect data securely.
  • Support HTTP(s)/MQTT(s)/CGI for easily integration. (For PoE Version, Cellular Version andWiFi HaLow Version)
  • Equip with Alarm I/O. (For PoE Version)
  • Function well with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers. (For LoRaWAN® Version)


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