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Becoming an Official Tridium Partner with Innon

Whether you are new to Tridium or you might have been using it for a long time, then you must know you need to have an official Tridium Partnership in place with each distributor that you are buying any Tridium products from.

Yes, this can be confusing but is a requirement from Tridium to ensure a healthy ecosystem.

We make it easy for you to become our Tridium Partner by offering it as part of our Interactive Learning Platform. Our mission is to train engineers to be the best in Niagara 4 hence we actively train any partner organisation.

If you want to become our Tridium Partner and train your organisation and benefit from the most comprehensive range of Niagara 4 products please fill in the form:



Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our clients have:

Q: Why do I need to become a Tridium Partner?

A: You need to become an official Tridium Partner so you have access to all Tridium Products. This agreement allows your company access to all your licences in Niagara Central and ensures your company has at least one TCP certified engineer. This is to ensure the quality of the Tridium installations.

Q: My company already has a Tridium Partnership in place why do I need another one with Innon?

A: Tridium requires all their distributors to have a Tridium Partnership in place, in order to sell any Tridium Licence or equipment to a company. We are including the official Tridium Partnership into our Learning Product so we that your company can have Official Tridium Partner status with us and to benefit from all our Tridium Products and Services as well as from our 5 star support and fast licensing. It also helps us improve our service to our partners.

Q: What do I get that is so special from Innon?

A:  First of all it is our mission to actively train all your engineers and help them become better and more efficient. We do this with our interactive online learning platform. The platform has been developed by us using all our BAS experience. The platform covers all the topics of TCP course however it has been designed for online use.

Q: Why do I need a TCP certified engineer?

A: Each Tridium Partner company needs to have at least one TCP certified engineer. The rest of the engineers can learn Niagara 4 using our Interactive learning platform they don't all need to be TCP certified. 

Q: Do you offer TCP certification?

A: Yes we do, we offer TCP classroom certification and is the done by the most experienced trainers in the industry, Tridium itself and is held at their offices. Please email us at for costs and dates.

Q: How can I become a Tridium Partner of Innon?

A: You just need to purchase the access to our learning platform if you are in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We cannot offer for the moment Tridium Partnership outside this region.

Q: How many partnerships can I have?

A: You can have as many as you need, however you need to have one with each Tridium Distributor that you buy from.

Q: What happens to my existing engineering licences if I change to Innon?

A: Innon will pay for all your engineering license so you can change over to us at no extra cost.

Q: How can I ensure my organisation is really using the Learning Platform?

A: Once you register your organisation into our learning platform, you will be able to login and check the progress of your team.

Q: Do you also do projects and engineering?

A: No, we don't believe in being both a System Integrator and a Distributor. We don't feel it is fair to our clients who are all System Integrator. We could then use our distributor prices to compete with our clients and this goes against everything we believe in, which is empowering engineers to get the most out of technology.