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About Us

About us

We have founded Innon with the desire to help building automation engineers make the most out of technology. 

We promise continuous improvement in everything we do. Our logo (kaizen) represents a constant improvement. And our Company Name (innon) stands for Innovation: taking the first and last letters from innovation.

At the moment we serve over 350 companies across the United Kingdom, Ireland Europe, USA and Asia. 

Our Values

Innon was founded in 2012 to provide a better service for building automation customers like you.

But that’s not all. We want to be better at everything we do.

This belief drives our vision and values. We apply these values across every aspect of our business. We select better products, capitalising on our industry knowledge and experience to offer you the very best-in-class.

We invest in actively training all our clients and ensuring they are applying technology in the best possible way into their projects.

We do not do our own projects since this would be in direct competition with our clients. Our aim is to help our clients expand their businesses and deliver quality and innovation.

Thank you

The Innon Team