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Wireless solutions with a reliable signal and long-lasting battery from Enless Wireless

You’ve shared your issues with wireless in the past; short battery life and unreliable signal strength have prevented consistent transmission of data, and obstructions in airspace due to neighbouring WiFi or Bluetooth signals have been a cause of frustration. The lack of confidence these issues have created have left you preferring wired options unless the project requirements or site restrictions mean that wireless is the only option for the project.

On a bigger scale, these issues will lead to unwanted trips to the site to resolve problems that will take up your time, or worse, leave you in a situation where you have to replace the system out of your pocket. 

Luckily you can now use wireless technology solutions from Enless Wireless. Their experience in M2M (machine to machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) gives you solutions of Wireless M-Bus, LoRa/LoRa WAN and Sigfox that wouldn’t have been achievable with BMS applications before.

They operate on frequencies of 169MHz (Wireless MBus) or 868MHz (LoRA/LoRa WAN and Sigfox) that will keep your site connected without interference whether the building you are working with is large or small. The transmission frequency will give you a battery that will average five years before it needs to be replaced, reassuring you that the sensors won’t let you down. 

How Enless Wireless will help you: 

  • Multiple wireless technology options that will meet your project requirements and suit all building types
  • A battery life that will average five years and will let you know when it’s running low, so you’ll never be left at a disadvantage
  • Secure operating frequencies that won’t be affected by neighbouring signals so your data will always be transmitted

Innon have partnered with Enless Wireless to be the official distributor for the United Kingdom and Ireland. This collaboration enables Innon to help you enter into the IoT monitored projects with complete confidence and provide you with technology options that will work with your solutions. 

All products distributed by Innon are simple to use, easy to implement and offer you continuous improvement. Most importantly, all products are supported end-to-end by the Innon team.

If you’re not sure what wireless technology is best for you, take a look at our Knowledge Base article or schedule a meeting with a member of our team.

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