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Learn Niagara 4 on your schedule: with the only self-paced interactive course

Gain the skills you need to become a Niagara 4 Commissioning Engineer, Project Engineer (Strategy and Graphics), cutting edge building Consultant – Everything you need to know about Niagara 4 is included.

If you are you considering adopting Niagara 4 or if you are already installing it then you are in the right place.

We are helping building automation engineers and consultants make the best out of Niagara 4 technology.  

With our Niagara 4 online course, you will appreciate the capabilities of the Niagara 4 Framework. You will see what you can achieve and how to achieve it.

You will learn all the TCP topics and more in a very logical way. We have organised the course based on how engineers actually use Niagara 4.

    Course content:

    In this course you will be covering 3 main chapters:

    Chapter 1: Niagara 4 Basics

    In this course you will learn:
    • Know what Niagara is.
    • Install Niagara 4 on a PC.
    • Navigate around the Niagara 4 Workplace.
    • Have basic understanding of the structure and components.
    • Be able to commission a Jace device.
    • Have basic knowledge of drivers, devices, points.
    • Be able to verify if the networks are healthy.

    This course is CPD certified, certificate no: A017658

    This course will take a minimum of 3 hours to complete, with an average user time of 6 hours (depending on exercise time).

    You will learn how to become a confident commissioning engineer and install, test and maintain any Niagara 4 controller.

    Chapter 2: Niagara Strategies

    In this course you will gain skills that enable you to create or manipulate basic controls strategy on the Niagara platform.
    The profile is the starting point for creating a system integration.

    The training provides information to:

    • Be able to create an application.
    • Understand tagging and their uses.
    • Create and modify Modbus devices and points.
    • Create and modify Bacnet devices and points.
    • Create basic strategies and associations between devices/points.
    • Manage alarms.
    • Manage histories.
    • Manage schedules.
    • Modify and create palettes and templates.
    • Connect with another station (like a supervisor)

    It is essential to complete the Niagara 4 Basics course before starting the Niagara 4 Strategy one

    This course is CPD certified, certificate no: A017659

    This course will take a minimum of 9 hours to complete, with an average user time of 20 hours (depending on exercise time)

    You will learn how to become a confident project engineer and write Niagara 4 logic for control and integration.

    Chapter 3: Niagara 4 Graphics

    The Niagara 4 Graphic profile should have enough skills to be able to add or manipulate basic graphic on a Niagara station. The profile is a direct improvement to the Niagara 4 STRATEGY aimed to create a user interface associated with a Niagara solution

    The training provides enough information to:

    • Be able to create hierarchies
    • Create basic graphic pages and navigations for a user
    • Create interactive actions within the graphic
    • Create basic user customizable dashboards
    • Define users and their permissions
    • It is essential to complete the Niagara 4 Basics and Niagara 4 Strategy courses before starting the Niagara 4 Graphic one

    This course is CPD certified, certificate no: A019280

    This course will take a minimum of 6 hours to complete, with an average user time of 13 hours (depending on exercise time).

    You will learn how to add or manipulate basic graphic on any Niagara 4 station.

    Training Kit:

    You will be able to understand all the concepts and how Niagara works without the need of a training KIT.

    However if you want a more hands on experience and have a Tridium Partnership in place with us you will be able to purchase your training KIT from us.

    For the time being we can only serve companies in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

    If you are in the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia and New Zealand we will help you choose the right equipment from your local Tridium reseller.


      Q: Who is this course intended for?


      This course is designed for

      • Building automation engineers
      • Project engineers
      • Consultants
      • Electricians
      • Panel designers
      • Panel manufacturers
      • OEM Niagara Community

      Q: What are the pre-requisites to taking this course?

      A: You need to have basic knowledge of parts and components used in the building automation industry, basic knowledge/awareness of building automation control.


      Q: What can I achieve after taking this course?

      A: You will be able to:

      • Successfully pass your N4 TCP exam.
      • Become confident in Niagara 4 Commissioning.
      • Become confident in Niagara 4 Integration and Control.
      • Become confident in creating and editing Niagara 4 Graphics.
      • Earn 24 CPD Hours all our courses are CPD certified.
      • Learn what is possible with Niagara 4.
      • Upgrade your Niagara 4 knowledge from AX to N4.

      Q: Why is this Niagara 4 training course relevant?

      A: Because we have combined our knowledge as official Tridium Distributor and Niagara 4 products  with our building automation 30 years+ experience. Our training is structured and it covers all the TCP topics but is designed to be easily followed online with practical exercises and tests. Our in depth knowledge of Niagara 4 systems allowed us to share with our clients and partners the ultimate training.

      Q: Do you have a demo of the training?

      A: We have a full presentation here:

      Q: How is this training different from the TCP?

      A: You will cover all the TCP topics, however to become a TCP certified you will still need to go to the classroom training. This training will ensure you will pass your TCP certification with flying colors.

      Q: How is this training different from learning on Youtube or other Niagara 4 online training?

      A: This training is designed by our Technical Team using all the previous 20+ years practical experience in Building Automation Industry.
      We have taken the TCP official Tridium training and converted it into online use.
      We have split the content into small focused clips, we have created tests after each topic.

      The platform will not allow you to just skim through the courses and you need to follow them in predefined order.
      Once you follow the topics, you will need to successfully pass each test.

      The training also contains practical step by step exercises and pre-defined working stations which you can download from inside the course.