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Wireless Kit


This kit is ideal for gas, electricity and water sub-metering applications.

  • 2 x ISMA-B-W0202 provide a wireless modbus network while each unit can pick up 2 pulse counters.
  • 1 x ISMA-B-8I is ideal to pick up an additional 8 pulse counters.

Key facts:

  • The solution is compatible with any Modbus BMS and data logger using modbus RS485.
  • Our wireless modules achieve the best possible wireless range of 300m in buildings byusing the 868MHz.
  • The units are shipped with a standard aerial, cable extensions and uni-directional aerials are available on request.
  • The wireless range can be extended by separating the network into different channels.
  • Each ISMA-B-W0202 allows connection to other RS485 devices using the onboard RS485 COM port such as the ISMA-B-8I included in the Kit. 

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