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About the Product

The SDM120DB - MID is a  Single-Phase MID electric energy with 5+1 digital LCD display for measuring kWh.

The SDM120DBuses an advanced recording integrated circuit with high precision. It is used in AC single-phase watt-hour with its recording frequency of 50Hz, It is highly accurate, durable, reliable, low power consumptive, without reversion, creep-proof, anti-tampering, and bilateral recording with strong overloading capability. It conforms to the related requirements of GB/T17215 321-2008, and pass EMC and LVD in world famous Lab

Product Features:

  • Voltage AC (Un)                                           230V

  • Voltage range                                               -30% to +30% of Un
  • Base current(Ib)                                           5A
  • Max current(Imax)                                       45A
  • Starting current (mA)                                  0.4% of Ib
  • Power consumption of current                 ≤2W / 10VA
  • Frequency (Hz)                                             50/60 (±10%)
  • Accuracy                                                        1.0
  • Standards                                                       IEC 62053-21                                              
  • Memory back-up                                          EEprom
  • Operating                                                       -10°C to +50°C
  • Storing                                                             -30°C to +70°C
  • Upper material                                              Polycarbonate
  • Lower material                                              Polycarbonate/glass fibre          
  • Operating humidity                                      75%
  • Storing humidity                                           95%
  • Protection against dust and water           IP40
  • Insulating encased meter                            II
  • AC voltage withstand                                   2KV for 1 minute
  • Impulse voltage withstand                         6KV – 1.2µS waveform                                        
  • Current withstand                                        30Imax for 0.01s
  • Pulse output rate                                          2000 imp/kWh

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