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Niagara 4 Training Kit for Online Niagara 4 Course


This Training KIT contains all the necessary devices to help you Complete Our Full Niagara 4 Online Training Course.

The Niagara 4 Training KIT contains a Demo Jace 8000, 2 iSMA Fan Coil Controllers, one iSMA IO IP and one iSMA IO RS485 and two temperature sensors.

The Niagara 4 Training KIT contains the following part numbers and quantities:

iSMA-B-LP x 2


iSMA-B-MIX18-IP x 1

iSMA-B-MIX18 x 1

J8DEMO - Jace 8000 Demo station x 1

This Niagara 4 Training KIT is available only to our Tridium Partners.


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