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Mbus Modbus Metering Wireless Kit


This Lego like metering kit enables you to create an unlimited wireless metering solution and is most suited for residential developments and office blocks. After doing a lot of market research we found this to be the most suitable solution on the market to keep the lowest cost per point as well give you the most flexibility. The data can be logged into any ModBus BMS or send into the cloud depending on your choice. Also is compatible with the green box from Greenologic, Tridium BMS, Trend, Cylon or any other ModBus BMS system. 

The kit contains:

2 x W0202 IO modules 

1 x Mbus to Modbus RS485 Converter

1 x Electricity Meter 

 Save £30 when you order these together or £157 when you open an account with us

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