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About the product

The most open, flexible and easy to use tenant billing application built to fit easily into your existing Niagara 4 system.  This part number works either on an N4 Supervisor with up to 250 tenants. You can have more tenants if required. You can add more by using batches of 55. The N4 supervisor is not included.

TenantEye is a sub-metering and invoicing application. Property managers and tenants can access the entire application with a browser. It features an extensive palette of meters, and each suite can have a unique combination of meters. PDF invoices are automatically mailed, and there is a tenant HTML interface.

You have a 2h free trial so you can see if it is suited for your needs. Just download the Jar File and Setup Guide from our file repository.

The installation is very easy and straightforward and is all detailed in the Niagara 4 Tenant Eye Setup Guide

You can also use the video below to guide you through the setup. 


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