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ESCT-RJ325 Range (60-200A) /0.1A


 Product Features:

  • Class 0.5 accuracy
  • 250-630A primary current options
  • 0.1A Secondary Current (EasyClick)
  • RJ12 connector output
  • 45mm centres

The 3-in-1 current transformer range is for use with the Eastron RJ12 meters which combines three traditional current transformers in one moulding case with a RJ12 connection for simple and easy error-free installation.

3-in-1 current transformers can be directly installed next to a three-phase moulded case circuit breaker, thus saving installation time where fitting three standard individual current transformers would be required. In addition the 3-in-1 current transformers, there is also a solid core single-pole current transformer available for single-phase applications. All current transformers are supplied with a 1m connecting cable, with RJ12 connector termination at each end. 

It is typical in most installations that the current transformers are mounted on the left-hand side of the breaker so P1 is facing the correct way. However, it is also possible to mount the current transformer on the right-hand side with P2 facing the breaker. This is possible due to the meter having the option to reverse the flow to correct this type of application.

Works With;

  • SDM630MCT-RJ12
  • SDM630MCT-RJ12-2L
  • SMART-X96-1-MID
  • SMART-X96-1E-MID

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